Robyn C.(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your amazing gift/talents. I love what I see. Especially the Blue Angels photographs which brought back a flood of childhood memories.
Dolores Hernandez(non-registered)
Thanks for you beautiful pictures.
John Ewald(non-registered)
Awesome photography, Mike
Beautiful pics. I saw the article on SFgate, but I'm drawn to your photos. These are just the type of photo's I love and try to emulate in my photography...I still have a lot to learn.

Also, I love to see you're using Pentax. I have a K-5 and love the pentax world of gear. It's vastly underappreciated.
Mary Mills(non-registered)
Hi. I saw your photo on FB, Blue Angles over Lombard, and I don't see it here. Just wondering if it will be for sale. Thank you. Love the shot.
I have no website. Just love your pics
Vera Leonard(non-registered)
Hey Mike...Ansel Adams would love to meet you. Seriously, your photographs are powerful. I am purchasing some to complete my newly remodeled home...too bad you can't come and consult on selection and placement. :)
Best to you and your family.
Paykasa kart(non-registered)
Hey Mike! Your Mom said your pictures were Great and she was right.
Pure genius. Amazing talent. I'm looking forward to adding your work to my private collection of my SF greats...ty.
Dan St. Louis(non-registered)
Thanks for the visual treats. You have displayed the talent of a true artist and your images possess flawless technical ability. This collection shows what can develop in just a short time of great passion.
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