132.Best PGDM College in Delhi NCR(non-registered)
PGDM - Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a two-years full time Program approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).
107.Robyn C.(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your amazing gift/talents. I love what I see. Especially the Blue Angels photographs which brought back a flood of childhood memories.
106.Dolores Hernandez(non-registered)
Thanks for you beautiful pictures.
105.John Ewald(non-registered)
Awesome photography, Mike
Beautiful pics. I saw the article on SFgate, but I'm drawn to your photos. These are just the type of photo's I love and try to emulate in my photography...I still have a lot to learn.

Also, I love to see you're using Pentax. I have a K-5 and love the pentax world of gear. It's vastly underappreciated.
103.Mary Mills(non-registered)
Hi. I saw your photo on FB, Blue Angles over Lombard, and I don't see it here. Just wondering if it will be for sale. Thank you. Love the shot.
I have no website. Just love your pics
89.Vera Leonard(non-registered)
Hey Mike...Ansel Adams would love to meet you. Seriously, your photographs are powerful. I am purchasing some to complete my newly remodeled home...too bad you can't come and consult on selection and placement. :)
Best to you and your family.
71.Paykasa kart(non-registered)
Hey Mike! Your Mom said your pictures were Great and she was right.
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