I am often asked about my preference for Pentax(Ricoh Imaging) gear. Pentax was a celebrated brand of the film age that today makes outstanding modern digital cameras and lenses. However, as they do not seem to advertise in the USA at all, Pentax remains somewhat of a well kept secret, esoteric, as you do not usually find them in your local camera shop, nor reviewed in your favorite photo mag. For a list of Pentax innovations since 1919, look HERE.

My cameras are fully weather-sealed, all metal bodies, essential for getting in close and low in the raging surf, or handling the extreme damp of shooting from within a fog bank. The fixed focal length "Limited" series are superb, but virtually every Pentax lens ever made (including many other makes) going back to the 1950's can still be used on all current models, and ALL benefit from in-body shake reduction(stabilization) due to an innovative sensor mechanism; the same system also allows astro-photography exposures up to 5 minutes without any star trailing, using a built-in GPS accessory. More about that HERE.

Pentax has been in the medium format film business since 1969 and offers a dazzling array of bodies and lenses in two formats, 67 and 645. In 2013 I added the 645D medium format digital camera to my rig which introduced a new level of detail and color handling to my shooting. Today I am using the 645Z system which continues to impress me with exceptional performance. More about the 645Z.


Other gear which earns my trust includes:

  • Induro carbon fiber legs and Manfrotto tripod heads
  • Priolite hot sync strobes and triggers
  • Lowepro bags and slip lock accessories

I post process using Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop CC, and Nik Suite. Some of my current work incorporates HDR (high dynamic range) techniques, and my favorite HDR software is Nik HDR Efex.

If you are still awake after reading all that, you should get back to looking at pictures. Thanks!

Foggy Morning in the Marin Headlands with my Pentax K5 645Z in waves645Z in waves

promo image from PCmag.comhttp://www4.pcmag.com/media/images/294007-pentax-645d-weather-sealed.jpg