Night Eyes Photo Workshops

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are a multitude of eye pleasing places to photograph. At night, it becomes even more so, as colors become more vibrant, shadows more prominent, and movement becomes surreal.

The Night Eyes Photo Workshops offer Night Photography education that supports participants of all levels in a group setting, with hands on individual tutoring.

For those still using the AUTO mode on their DSLR camera, night photography is one of the best ways to come to understand how aperture, ISO and shutter times affect an image, and the ways they may be used to get amazing results, instilling confidence in a fun based atmosphere.

The NIGHT EYES PHOTO WORKSHOP staff are committed to excellence in teaching both the technical and creative aspects of night photography, creating an atmosphere to help all individuals become better photographers.

Your instructors include Mike Oria, Matt Granz, Jean Day, Miguel De La Cruz, and Paul Porter.

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29 Aug: Pt. Reyes Workshop
27 Jun: Bring On The Night

2 May: Twilight Troopers
18 Apr: Seaside Rendezvous
4 Apr: Life After Dark
28 Mar: Secret Night Ops
7 Mar: Many Shades Of Night
7 Feb: Night Illuminations
24 Jan: Night Encounters
13 Dec: City Splendor
5 Nov: Waterfront Wonders
8 Nov:   SF Bay by Night




365365This was my final photo of 2014 (Day 365). Here's to 2015!
I began New Year's Eve up Hawk Hill hoping to shoot the fireworks from here. I ran into Mark L and a couple of other guys here. Well, the wind started to become unpredictable, so I made for the the low ground at Travis Marina at the last moment. Maybe I'll try again next year.
I did have to crank my ISO up to 1250 to keep my shutter short due to all the gusting. This one using the 67 M*300/4 lens adapted to the Pentax 645D. Thanks Darvin for tipping me off to the shake reduction feature in Photoshop - it helped.
I hope you like it!