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Primordial Shore

Primordial Shore

Day's end at this curious cluster of primeval potholes on La Jolla Beach. I had one free night on my trip to San Diego this week and made haste to the coast just in time for sunset. The high tide had them underwater, so I missed them the first pass and after hunkering down to shoot a nice sea crack for a bit, I eventually spotted these and headed over.
My apologies to my Lyft driver whose carpet received a wet sanding. By coincidence, he said not to worry as his day job is in carpet cleaning.
Lens is the Pentax-branded Tamron 15-30/2.8 on the K3II. 2 exposure manual blend. I had to crank ISO to 500 and open aperture to f/8 because the wave sets were coming in too fast to accommodate anything longer than a 6 second exposure, which is what you see here.
My camera has a built in GPS, so the precise coordinates are embedded in the EXIF of this image if you want to find it.