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Deer Valley Sunset

Deer Valley Sunset

Sunset behind Deer Valley near Antioch, CA. This is one of my favorite go-to hills with a tree for a silhouette, and it just fit the bill last evening as I was scrambling around town to find a shot. As often happens on my ill-planned last minute outings, I arrived at this position just in time to catch the light at its peak. This was the very first shutter click and very soon the wonderfully back lit oat grass lost its pizzazz.

The dark orange stuff on the left is safflower, with its sharp spiny husks that cut right through my clothes and into my skin. About halfway up the hill, I changed my mind and decided the pain was no longer worth it, but the thought of traveling just as far back through this treachery provided little comfort, so I reluctantly pressed on. For my suffering, I was determined to compose a little corner of the stuff in my photo, so there. Safflower is now # 2, just behind mosquitoes. You knew that was coming.

Wow, "treachery" and "pizzazz" all in the same installment. I'd better sign off for now.
Lens is the DFA 55mm f/2.8 on the 645Z. 2-exposure bracket & manual blend.
Thanks for looking!