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The Milky Way passes over the Owens Valley Radio Observatory near Big Pine, California. This 130ft dish is the largest of several radio telescopes onsite, and is presently used to listen for signs of extraterrestrial communications...I mean, study the sun's magnetic field.
Miguel and I embarked on a long weekend of astrophotography through the eastern Sierras and into Owen's Valley. This spot is near the White Mountains. If you are like me and have spent your entire life looking at muted night skies in light-polluted cities, please do yourself a favor and travel to a place in the middle of nowhere to experience the true beauty of a starry night. It is enchanting.
This was my very first time attempting astrophotography with my 645Z. I used the D FA 25mm f/4 at 25sec. I usually prefer my APS-C camera with built in GPS astrotracer for longer exposures and low ISO, but I wanted to try the Z...and it performed great. Actual EXIF is ISO 8,000 f/5, 25sec.
I did not count on the fact that the dish was moving the entire time, rendering long exposures blurry. Thankfully Miguel noted the motion blur and shouted out a heads up.
This was a long night, but very enjoyable cool summer-ish night.