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The galactic core of the milky way passes behind an ancient Bristlecone Pine tree, high in the White Mountains of California. The inhabitants of this section of forest are up to 5,000 years old, silent witnesses to an ever evolving planet.
Yes, that is Jupiter on the left frame edge and Antares on the right.
This was a whirlwind trip, i drove 7 hours out, shot pictures with Miguel for a couple of hours, then drove back home, all in less that 24 hours. Miguel stayed on to complete the adventure. The original plan was to spend the following evening in Death Valley, but I had a very serious issue with my DFA25/4 and thought best to cut bait so as not to add further damage, limiting my chances of repairing the lens.
I used my DFA 35mm f/3.5 on the 645Z. Stack of 20, 10sec exposures, median blended using Sequator. I light painted the tree using my LED panel on a stick.
Hope you enjoy this one!