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Tioga Lake

Tioga Lake

Kicking off Milky Way season with Miguel at Tioga Lake, CA, that is the peak of Mt. Dana..

The pale yellow glow on the right horizon is light pollution from Fresno, 90 miles southwest. EXIF shows 9,684 ft elevation at this spot.

Lens is the DFA 55mm f/2.8 on the 645Z. This is a 2 frame pano/stacked median blend using 15, 8-sec star exposures at ISO 5,000, fed into Sequator and StarXTerminator. The exposure is cranked because the only light on the mountain is coming from the stars. To the naked eye, Mt Dana was merely a black void in the starfield.

Thanks Miguel for the outing! My son Parker also made his first photo trip with dad, so that was exciting. We spent much more time driving(social distancing in separate vehicles no less) than actually shooting, but it was well worth it! Though Dad loved it, Parker reports he will think twice before agreeing to any future journeys of this nature.

Hope you like this one!